Since its independence on March 20, 1956 Tunisia has made considerable efforts for the advancement of women’s status, supporting their role in society and in various areas of life.

 The Personal Status Code promulgated on August 13, 1956 (after successive revisions and amendments) empowered by 1993 reforms, therefore, represented an adequate legislative basis, which put Tunisian women at the heart of human development strategy.  In fact, such code upgrades women from gender equality to the level of active partner to contribute to the viable development plans.

 Indeed, to implementthe state’ssocial projects aiming to boost women’s conditions and their rights, CERDIF was established to undertake the role of an institution highly specialized on women’s issues. So, CERDIF contributes to enlarge women’s participation in development activities and serves to implement the state’s policy in this area. Therefore, CERDIF becomes one of the scientific references specialized in Gender issues.

 Thanks to numerous activities, programs and studies, CERDIF reached an important position at the national and international levels, which made it a “Pole of Expertise” in issues related to women. Obviously, CREDIF’s activities and programs increased the attraction of governmental and non-governmental organizations specialized in women’s issues throughout the world.

 Since CREDIF foundation in 1990 and over many years the center’s General Management has been entrusted to:

Ms. Soukeina Bouraoui:  from  January 1st, 1990  to May 10, 1996

Ms. Zakia Bouaziz :  from  May 11, 1996       to August 13, 1999

Ms. Boutheina Gribaa : from  August 14, 1999    to December 17, 2003

Ms. Saida Rahmouni  :  from December 18, 2003 to January 31, 2010

Ms. Imen Belhedi :  from March 25, 2010 to July 01, 2011

Ms. Dalanda Largech :from october 10, 2011 to august 2013

Ms. Rachida Tlili selaoutti: since October, 2013