To perform its assigned tasks, CREDIF operates at different levels:

 Conducting research on women and their status in Tunisian society as well as on their contributions to the development of society based on gender relations.

  • Collecting, processing and disseminating data and documentation disaggregated by gender so as to provide reports on the evolution of the presence of women and men in various developmental fields.
  • Collecting documents about women’s conditions and their distribution to a wider public usage.
  • Providing databases (bibliographical, documentaries and statistics) on Tunisian women’s issues.
  • Participating in the popularization of women’s rights and the Tunisian approach in promoting the status of women.
  • Preparing reports on the condition of women in Tunisian society at the request of competent governmental authorities.
  • Participating in providing training sessions to develop women’s and men’s potentials at the national and international levels focussing on gender issues.

Participating in an advisory capacity in the working activities of different public institutions established to study, organize and promote actions and taking initiatives in supporting greater participation of women in the development process and modernization of the Tunisian society.