General Management:

  • The Board of Directors:

The board of directors is chaired by the director-general of CREDIF. It is composed of representatives from various institutions concerned by the advancement of women’s status.

  • The Scientific Board:

The scientific board is chaired by the director-general of CREDIF. It ensures the task of consultation, composed of representatives from public bodies and of women’s associations, as well as a limited number of experts.

  • The Director-General:

She is the manager of the scientific board and the board of directors. The director-general ensures administrative, financial and technical management of CREDIF.

Common Structures

International Cooperation


At the international level, CREDIF has engaged in two types of cooperation: bi-lateral and multi-lateral.

  • Establishing programs of cooperation and partnership with several United Nations bodies such as: UNFPA, UNDP, UNESCO, FAO, WHO…
  • Al-Sobah Fund - Friedrich Ebert Foundation-Ford Foundation…


  • Developing programs of cooperation through bi-lateral commissions with international organizations in Canada, Belgium, Germany and Sweden. In addition these programs allow the center to share its expertise on women’s issues with African and Asian countries, so as to implement a “South to South” cooperation.
  • Setting up agreements of partnership with various institutions and universities, so as to carry out studies and research.
  • Participation in a consulting capacity at the request of African and Francophone countries.
  • Two successful missions:

1-     Mission of support to create an “Information, Training and Research Center” in Burkina Fasofunded by the World Bank.

2-     Mission of support to create an “Observatory on Women’s Conditions” in the Republic of Benin funded by UNFPA.

Administrative and Financial Management:




  • Human Resources management (recruitment, salaries...)
  • Management of CREDIF’s equipment ( maintenance)
  • Financial management (accounting, budget…)