Documentation and Archives Management

This management is considered as one of the pillars of the development strategy, which covers different aspects of women’s conditions. The department’s missions are basically collecting and processing data, monitoring databanks specialized on women’s issues and attempting to produce documentary materials (articles, bibliographies and indexes).



-         Establishing CREDIF as a scientific institution specialized in documentation field and a reliable source of information related to women’s issues and Gender concept designed to researchers, decision-makers and bodies.

-         Highlighting women’s assets at the regional, national and international levels.



-         Collecting documents and information on women’s issues either in Tunisia or throughout the world, such as books, references and periodicals.

-         Treating documents and documentary databases.

-         Providing a rich and varied documentary background for decision-makers and users concerned with women’s affairs.

-         Establishing agreements of cooperation and information exchange with bodies and organizations operating on women’s fields in Tunisia and abroad.

-         Preparing reports on women’s conditions in Tunisian society at the request of the competent governmental authorities.