Research, Studies and Training Management


It represents the scientific structure of CREDIF.

The department disseminates data and documentation on Tunisian women’s conditions and their lifestyles.

Indeed, the department provides updated information and indicators in order to help decision-makers in strategic planning. Likewise, this department caries out research to deal with topics related to living standards.  The research, studies and training department is highly interested on women’s status and their social realities.


Training Department:


Tunisia has been advocated by the UNFPA as a “Pole of Excellence” in women’s promotion field. According to this choice, the center is called to organize many training sessions in favor of countries in Africa and Asia. In this context, to keep the position of leader, CREDIF works to transfer skills and expertise to those countries.

In fact, CREDIF established a department operating for national and international training using double sided orientations. Firstly, the center works under recommendations of Tunisian national policy .Secondly, it follows-up on the recommendations of “Cairo Conference on Population” and “Beijing Conference on Women”.